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Edu Falaschi: One of the most iconic shows in the history of Brazilian Metal
Review – Temple Of Shadows In Concert – Edu Falaschi
By Valmar Oliveira
On 08/11/20

On Saturday night, May 4th, the São Paulo public was able to see one of the most iconic shows in the famous history of Brazilian Metal. On the occasion, vocalist Edu Falaschi gathered a true team of stars to revisit the album “Temple Of Shadows” (Angra), in its entirety, with the illustrious participation of the Bachiana Philharmonic Orchestra, conducted by none other than the legendary conductor João Carlos Martins.

In addition to his team of revelations composed by Diogo Mafra (guitar), Roberto Barros (guitar) and Raphael Dafras (bass), three-fifths of Angra that recorded the aforementioned work were present. In addition to Falaschi himself, keyboardist Fábio Laguna and charismatic drummer Aquiles Priester. As if that wasn’t enough, as special guests were Kai Hansen (Helloween, Gamma Ray, Unisonic), Michael Vescera (Yngwie Malmsteen, Loudness), Sabine Edelsbacher (Edenbridge), Guilherme Arantes and pianist Tiago Mineiro.

With a completely packed Tom Brasil, the gala night of the “Temple Of Shadows In Concert” deserved, in fact, the record of this DVD that we have in hand, at the height of such an event. In this way, the Foggy Filmes team brought a structure rarely seen in presentations of this genre in the country. The art direction and editing of the material are practically impeccable, with everything in its place.

The attention, professionalism and friendliness of Foggy’s team, even in an occasion that demanded immense responsibility, are also worthy of taking our hats off. Therefore, a whole favorable situation for the capture translated into an audio visual material essential for any fan of heavy music.

Experienced Finnish producer Jesse Vainio (Apocalyptica, Sarah Brightman, among others) was responsible for mixing the work. The result obtained here is simply superb. All instruments extremely well evidenced, including the entire orchestra. I didn’t want to be in this guy’s shoes, taking on this kind of challenge. So, dear reader, don’t worry, because you will probably have access to the best finished DVD of a Brazilian band in activity.

As for the show itself, the opening featured the presentation of “Symphony No. 5” (Ludwig Van Beethoven), already amending with “Gate XIII” and “Deus Le Volt!”, with all the grandeur of João Carlos Martins and their musicians. Here, once again, praise is due for the editing work, which captured dynamic images of the entire orchestra, giving the viewer a believable feeling of what it was like to be present that night.

Following, Angra’s iconic and already classic 2004 album was performed in its entirety and in its chronological order. With the highlights “The Temple Of Hate” with the participation of Kai Hansen, “Winds Of Destination” with the friendly Michael Vescera, “No Pain For The Dead” with the essential Sabine Edelsbacher, in addition to “Sprouts Of Time” with the pianist Thiago Mineiro.

I reserved a paragraph to talk about Guilherme Arantes’ participation, as it was certainly the most exciting point of the show. After a sublime re-reading of “Late Redemption”, which drew tears from this writer, he announced “Planeta Água”, which shared the main vocals with Falaschi. My friends, what a result! One of the composer’s most memorable songs, being sung by the composer himself and by one of the most outstanding voices in the Metal world! This is the moment on the DVD where you stop, take a breath, and hit repeat, to get the same feeling of joy again.

After Guilherme Arantes leaves the stage, Edu announces “Summer” (Antonio Vivaldi), which was conducted by guitarist Roberto Barros. That was the first time I saw this guy playing and I was completely speechless. Those who are afraid that new idols will not appear on the instrument, after the retirement of Kiko Loureiro and Edu Ardanuy, can rest assured. Write down this boy’s name, for he is simply a phenomenon on the six strings.

The DVD continues with the unreleased solo career of Edu Falaschi, with “Streets Of Florence”, “The Glory Of The Sacred Truth”, very well received and already well engaged by the public. “Rebirth” and “New Era” follow to close the night, which is sure to be revisited by fans of the singer’s work around the world.

Another highlight of the whole show was Falaschi’s performance! Clearly recovered from any and all health problems that have affected him, the singer wasted energy, vigor and technique, impeccably reinterpreting the entire set. It was impressive to be able to see how he manages to maintain the high quality standard, now approaching 50 years of age. Believe me, the result is almost identical to the work recorded in the studio, in “Temple Of Shadows”

To close this long text, I need to point out a few things. The solo band that Edu put together is a team that is very well integrated and is composed of veterans and young promises in their respective roles. The takes presented here praised the presence of the fans, all smiling, singing, including children, global artists and other musicians from the national scene.

“Temple Of Shadows In Concert” is a DVD that overflows with truth, that moves and deserves to be appreciated by everyone. Certainly this is the high point in the career of Edu Falaschi, who returned to the top of the world stage again, with perseverance, honesty, sympathy and technique. Emotion, is the word that best defines this whole experience…

The material still brings as extras, the music videos of the songs “Streets Of Florence”, “The Glory Of The Sacred Truth”, “Nova Era” acoustic version and a making of the recordings of the work.

King Records – Japan

Edu Falaschi: vocalist/singer
Roberto Barros: guitarist/guitarist
Diogo Mafra: guitarist/guitarist
Raphael Dafras: bassist/bass player
Aquiles Priester: drummer/drumer
Fábio Laguna: keyboardist/keyboardist


Set List:

01. Symphony No. 5 (Ludwig Van Beethoven)
02. Gate XIII – God Le Volt! (intro)
03. Spread Your Fire
04. Angels And Demons
05. Waiting Silence
06. Wishing Well
07. The Temple Of Hate
08. The Shadow Hunter
09. No Pain For The Dead
10. Winds Of Destination
11. Sprouts Of Time
12. Morning Star
13. Late Redemption
14. Planet Water (Guilherme Arantes)
15. Summer (Antonio Vivaldi)
16. Streets Of Florence
17. The Glory Of The Sacred Truth
18. Rebirth
19. In Excelsis (intro)
20. New Age

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