Vera Cruz is the name of the first solo album recorded with unpublished repertoire by Edu Falaschi, a singer and songwriter from São Paulo designed in the 2000s as the lead singer of the band Angra, in which he remained until 2012.

The work began recording in November 2020 in Rio de Janeiro and is being produced by Edu Falaschi and Roberto Barros and co-produced by Thiago Bianchi. The album has the participation of the same bandmates of Falaschi who have accompanied him since the beginning of his solo career: Aquiles Priester, Fábio Laguna, Raphael Dafras, Roberto Barros and Diogo Mafra.

Brazilian music icon, Elba Ramalho, was confirmed as the first special guest of the album “Vera Cruz” and will perform a more than special duet with Edu Falaschi on the new album. Reinforcing the guest list comes the legendary Max Cavalera (Soulfly / Cavalera Conspiracy / Killer Be Killed / Go Ahead and Die) who introduced fans to the name of Vera Cruz’s first title, the track he participates in called “Face of the Storm” .

Set between Brazil and Portugal at the time of the discovery of the island of Vera Cruz by the Portuguese colonizers, the novel is the motto for the creation of the authorial repertoire composed by Falaschi, the concept of the lyrics was created by Edu Falaschi and developed by Fabio Caldeira. The album’s orchestrations were initially conceived by Edu Falaschi and produced, created and finished by Pablo Greg.

The Vera Cruz album was mixed and mastered in Europe by legendary producer Dennis Ward (Angra, Helloween, Pink Cream 69, Unisonic). “Being able to be with Dennis again is extremely exciting, being with him again brings me many beautiful memories and he knows exactly what I like in terms of sound, not to mention that he has absurd good taste in mixes”, says Edu about work with Dennis Ward.

Historical fiction, internal conflicts and betrayals: discover the history of Vera Cruz.

Set in the time of the great navigations, Vera Cruz has as its starting point the Portuguese city of Tomar. In 1482, a child left at the door of a convent piques everyone’s curiosity due to a peculiarity: a birthmark that, centuries before, was mentioned in a mysterious prophecy about the demise of the evil Order of the Cross of Nero.

It is from this characteristic that the story of Vera Cruz unfolds and presents Jorge, the bearer of the brand, who grew up under the care of the church and full of doubts: after all, what messages do the nightmares so present in his nights want to convey? About to brave the seas, Jorge is faced with dilemmas about his identity, mission, love, friendship and intrigue.

Made from mixed historical and fictional elements, Vera Cruz is primarily a story about Manichaeism, human relationships, love and hate. Made from research in the literature of the time to ensure fidelity to the setting of the novel, Vera Cruz has its apex in Brazilian lands, with Jorge, an adult and member of the squad of the master of the Order of Christ, Pedro Álvares Cabral.

A real battle on Brazilian soil, between good and evil, exposes anguish, betrayal, revelations, honor, bravery and the weight of a great burden! But is Jorge ready to fulfill the prophecy?

Nuns, caciques and assassins.

Remarkable characters who help Jorge discover his mission are present throughout the story. Sister Rosa, who rescued the newborn at the door of the convent and was responsible for its upbringing, Sister Antonela and Dom Abelardo, who helped him interpret his mysterious dreams and visions, Janaína and her father, Cacique Piatã, who welcomed him into the tribe after one of the many assassination attempts provoked by the infamous Scarecrow Man, at the behest of the cruel Black Bishop, are responsible for bringing depth and dynamism to the narrative.