The mentorship that will make you reach the high level on the guitar.

There are only 20 vacancies, 20 guitarists who will have access to a vast amount of content and will be accompanied by me for 12 months.

In 1 year, I will teach you the path to follow to achieve your successful career through many studies and correct choices.


Support content:

Contents of the most diverse subjects will be sent every month to your folder that I will create in Dropbox, when entering the mentorship, the student undergoes an interview in which he is identified your profile, level, goals and problems.

The contents of the folders are made from everything that I identify through this interview, obviously, only the monthly content of the folders would not be enough to complete the level of excellence of our Mentorship, so the Roberto Barros Mentorship Experience, has all these other benefits that you will see below and that will complete your entire study schedule for 12 months.



4 hours per month of group classes, live on zoom.

There are two fortnightly classes of 2 hours each, in these classes, students are totally free to ask any questions regarding any subject pre-established by me, or general doubts of any kind. another musical subject, the lives are super organized and everyone can interact in a calm and enlightening way.



12 hours of individual classes: (only the student and the teacher Roberto Barros) throughout the year through the platform - Zoom (1h per month).

On account of having only 20 students in the mentoring program, it will be possible to include individual classes in this edition of the mentoring, this is gold. In that 1 hour, we can address the subject you want!



1 year access to my online guitar academy.

You will have full access to my online institute for 1 year. There are already more than 800 classes divided into more than 30 courses.



Full access to the PA2 Course.

You will have access to my famous alternating picking course, PA2, in which you will learn what I consider to be the most perfect way to pick.



Special guests.

Throughout the year, we will have more than 10 huge guests of great renown in their professions and who can bring extremely transformative content to the students' careers, these guests will participate in lives pre-scheduled and which will be communicated to all Mentorship students.



Group closed on WhatsApp.

In this group, students can interact with each other, talk about content, ask questions. The mentee is not required to be part of the group. My exclusive follow-up via WhatsApp regarding everything the mentee has questions about, also about career guidance and financial career guidance.

4 hours per month of classes, in groups, live, on zoom


See below the courses you will receive as a gift:


See below the courses you will receive as a gift:

The opinion of those who have already done it

See the transformation of some of the hundreds of students who have gone through the ROBERTO BARROS MENTORSHIP EXPERIENCE.

The first time I saw him was watching Edu's DVD, I thought the live performance of those complex songs was sensational, how clean he played. I entered his virtual school, he proved to be not only a virtuoso, but a deep knowledge of the technical and theoretical part.

Allan Pitzer @allanpitzer

Roberto's mentorship, in the first month, puts you on another level in the guitar, in the interpretation of the instrument, in how you understand the guitar. Very rich in new parts of techniques and totally different from what we are used to.

Erich Chiarelli @erichchiarelli

I have been a mentor student of Roberto Barros for two months and I highly recommend his mentoring model, as it is a totally personalized model that deeply analyzes your technical and theoretical needs, your goals as a musician.

Jefferson Brito @jeffersondbrito

I've been mentoring Roberto Barros for almost three months and I can say that she opens her mind in a surreal way, both in terms of harmony, theory, thinking, posture, the way you see your instrument.

Lean Restivo @llrestivo

I am a student of the class of 2021/2022 mentored by Roberto Barros. He will pull you forward, he will make you study. In addition to the weekly challenges, in live mentorships via zoom you can absorb all the wisdom and knowledge he acquired straight from the source. He sets up mentorships on specific subjects and they are sensational.

Livio Segnini @liviosegnini

I've been a guitar teacher for over 10 years, I've been playing for approximately 20 years, but always in search of knowledge I started following Roberto's work and joined the mentorship. I can say that it was the best investment I have ever made in terms of studies. The level of attention and content he delivers is pretty brutal.

Rafael Souza @rafaelsouzagt

I've been playing guitar for three years, I've been mentoring for four months and I can say that it was the best investment I've made for my career. The mentoring material is extremely organized, complex and you will have to dedicate yourself to study. In these four months I had a dramatic improvement in my technique and in my harmonic knowledge.

Rapha Mantovani @rapha_mantovani

Mentoring with Roberto Barros is something that transcends the idea of a guitar course. I came up with the idea of improving the technical part and I'm having something much more than that. The technical part is the bottom line.

Siuari Damaceno @siuari

I am Rygel's guitarist and my solo project and I can say that the mentoring is extremely high level. If you follow the content he passes, there's no way you can't evolve. A dense content, the lives with material that you will only find in gringo content and he passes everything well organized.

Tiago Lima @tiagolmetal

Everything you know about Roberto and watch on the internet is already surreal. The guy manages to surprise us in mentoring. The level of dedication and support goes beyond content, it is a life-changing process. What we thought we knew about Roberto pulls us into stratospheric limits.

Luke Oliveira @lukeoliveiraguitar

It was the most absurd experience I've ever had in my life. Roberto changed my view on guitar, harmony, improvisation, technique. Mentoring will change the view on music, guitar and career. I consider that now I have a master for life.

Mark Favaron @markfavaron_

Follow testimony Roberto Barros' mentorship is from another dimension. Even if the guitarist doesn't want to, he will learn something. I leveled up and learned to play for real thanks to Cyborg.

Tiago Hinterholz @tiagohinterholz

I joined Mentorship with the aim of improving my technique. But Roberto delivered much more than that! In addition to helping you to improve your playing absurdly, it explodes your head with concepts of harmony and improvisation, musicality, study methods, among others.

Felipe Pina @felipepinagtr

PRICELESS content, a UNIQUE mindset and the SURE of evolution. That simple! Thank you so much for the opportunity, Betão!

Leo Fernandes @leo.fernandes92

It was amazing how special this mentorship is for me, today I learn things I never dreamed existed, the knowledge of concrete is incredible, in the first Live I participated I saw that the investment I made was extremely small in relation to everything he proposes to teach.

Lucas Cristani @lcristani

Roberto has didactics, method and knows how to motivate/encourage the student to want to break their limits. Within a month he corrected my technique and posture like no other teacher in years.

Rafael Brienza @rafaelbrienza

I heard Roberto for the first time on a podcast. I thought his thinking was incredible and I decided to go to school, and the experience has been extraordinary. Mentorship lasts for one year, but the content is enough for 10 years of intense studies.

Cintia Faria @cintiafariagt

Roberto Barros was the watershed in my life, his teachings are gold, in a short time being accompanied by him, I could notice an absurd evolution, it was worth every penny invested. I just have to thank you for everything.

David Matheus @davidmatheusgt

Through the courses and mentorship of Mestre Roberto Barros, I have achieved my biggest goal, which is to go further in music and reach technical levels that were impossible before! Roberto reinvented the way to play and teach guitar!

Samuel Marques @samuelmarquesgt


1 year of mentoring and 2 years of access to the members area.
12 private classes, you and Professor Roberto Barros. You will still have 48 more group classes throughout the year. Other than that you will receive content every month.
12 private classes, you and Professor Roberto Barros. You will still have 48 more group lessons throughout the year. Other than that you will receive content every month.
Yes, but the entire 1-year program must be completed.
No. The system identifies the access and, if it identifies two accesses from 2 different IPs simultaneously, you can be blocked by the platform.
If within 7 days after the first mentoring meeting you realize that it makes no sense to continue, you can send an email to and ask for a refund.
On Saturdays, from 9 am.
Yes, you will receive all the information from your first access to the logged in area.
BRL 5,597.00 CASH or 12x BRL 466.41. For each installment choice, there is a different interest calculation.
Roberto Barros Mentorship Experience.
Every recorded part of the bonus is released immediately. The Mentorship will be live, over 1 year. The recording of the live classes will be released during the following week.
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In 1 year, if you follow the entire program, but your access is up to 2 years.
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Yes, the following week after the live class.
Students who have already completed Mentorships I, II and III can buy with a 30% discount.